Tripadvisor – please!

Tripadvisor has just  given away the list of the best beaches in the world – 2012. Unfortunately, there is not even one of the Sardinian beaches …so you will think there at least one in the European list…wrong! It’s fair enough but with all respect how can you choose  Benidorm, Spain (5th)….Can you tell me what criteria have been used to put down such a top ten?


4 responses to “Tripadvisor – please!

  1. That is quite weird as there are a lot of Spanish beaches in the list and not even a Greek one as well as one from Sardinia.
    On a good note in the Top 10 Beach Destinations in Italy Villasimius is number 2, Cagliari is number 4 ( I take it they mean the Poetto and not sa Scaffa) and Alghero is number 7.
    Even there I would not agree that those 3 beaches are the best ones in Sardinia.

    Simona xx

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