Festival of Mamuthones

Festival of Mamuthones


The origin of Mamuthones goes back to ancient times and the true meaning of the festival has been lost in the mists of time. The festival is thought, by many, to celebrate the victory of Sardinian shepherds (issohadores) against the Saracen invaders, imprisoned and led in procession (mamuthones) During the festival the locals dress in animal skins and fiercesome wooden masks and may represent the defeated saracens  It is seen by some as a a ritual procession carried out by Nuragic people to honour some agricultural or pastoral god not dissimiliar to sa Sartiglia,while others believe it is an ancient Dionysian dance.Many believe that the performance represents the mythical killing of the old people, while others think that the mamuthones mask portrays some diabolical spirit. A frightening experience perhaps


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